About Solace

Solace enables application-aware networks with its message routers that improve the way information moves between distributed applications. Solace message routers unify many kinds of data movement so companies can efficiently and cost-effectively move all of the information associated with better serving customers and making smarter decisions.

Reduce the cost and complexity of information distribution.

  • Solace products replace conventional software-on-server solutions at a ratio of 15 or more to 1, reducing architectural complexity, resource consumption and operating expenses.
  • Solace products deliver a consistent out-of-the-box experience that costs less to deploy and operate, thanks in part to a smaller and therefore more environmentally-friendly “green” footprint.

Accelerate information distribution even in the face of increasing volume and volatility.

  • By eliminating the performance constraints of operating systems and general-purpose servers, Solace supports high throughput and low latency.
  • Eliminating software from the datapath enables Solace products to offer performance that’s consistent and predictable even in the most demanding circumstances.


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