There has been a worldwide shift from “good enough” information to real-time across enterprise and consumer segments. In many cases seconds or even milliseconds of delay can introduce risk or render information useless, so making it easier for companies distribute a greater volume and variety of information benefits different companies in a variety of ways.

Solace’s solutions are based on its Solace 3200 Series middleware appliances which perform many kinds of enterprise messaging with a unified API and administration environment. Solace’s platform offers unrivaled speed, scalability, stability and cost of ownership.

Industry Solutions

Solace’s hardware uniquely supports the extreme capacity and microsecond performance it takes to succeed in modern financial markets.

Solace meets the needs of government applications such as inter-agency communications, emergency response and homeland security.

Solace’s middleware appliances can serve as an ESB that connects back-office systems and customer-facing services in real-time.

Other Industries

The accessibility, personalization and timeliness of information has become increasingly important in every industry, so while Solace’s initial success came in data-centric industries like financial services, government and telecom, Solace has a clear and compelling value proposition for all kinds of businesses.

Technology / Horizontal Solutions

WAN Distribution

Solace enables highly-optimized WAN distribution by sending information only where it’s needed, compressing messages, and fanning out messages at the edge.

Web Messaging

Solace’s web messaging capability streams real-time data over the internet 50-200 times faster than competitive solutions.