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Storage and Backup Infrastructure

With Storage and Backup now accounting for somewhere in the region of 40%-60% of the average IT budget, there is still general agreement that most IT organizations do not have a cohesive strategy around storage. While it remains a good market for hiring people, Storage Administration is a relatively new competence and not readily available. Where there are people, they are expensive and unless there’s a lot of on-going high-end work, they will bore easily once the initial re-architecture is done. Also, the mix of competencies necessary in a storage administrator encompasses technical architecture, operations expertise, and business acumen. This is not an easy mix to find, even in these days., The vast majority of consultants in the space are affiliated with a given product company which means there’s always a push to buy product and also their focus is on integrating their product, not a holistic, solution oriented approach. What is needed is independent consultant not bound to sell hardware and software, with a focus on total solutions.

Our Storage and Backup Consultants have over 25 years experience in IT, ranging from mainframe to Open Systems platforms, we are able to provide extensive insight into the processes and standards required to deliver successful SAN / NAS storage and Backup environments. Our solutions including:

  • Storage Design
  • Storage Optimization
  • Storage Consolidation Solutions
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Archive & Compliance
  • Backup & Recovery