Solace’s unified API is what makes Solace’s solution a ’one stop shop‘ for all application messaging needs. It provides robust and uniform client access to all of Solace’s capabilities including reliable, ultra-low-latency and guaranteed messaging, WAN optimization, content and geospatial routing, IPC messaging and message caching. Solace’s API is available in the following languages:

  • C: Low-level threadless API that lets developers use any thread model. Available for 32- and 64-bit Linux and Windows, and Solaris x86 and SPARC.
  • Java: 100% pure Java, with support for reliable and guaranteed messaging.
  • JMS: Supports JMS 1.1 including queues and topics, and provides an admin console for managing the JMS Provider and JMS managed objects accessible via JNDI.
  • .NET: Simple interface to reliable and guaranteed messaging services from a .NET environment.

Management and Monitoring

Solace lets customers manage their messaging system using CLI or a GUI element manager, send information to other management systems using Syslog or SNMP, and tie into their existing framework with a management API called Solace Element Management Protocol (SEMP). Best of all, it does all this without hindering performance by intruding on the data path like software-based solutions.

  • Unrivaled Granularity and Visibility: Solace provides per-client statistics that software can’t provide without significant performance impact, if at all. At the TCP layer this includes data such as round trip time, bytes sent and received, queue depths, and number of retransmits. At the messaging layer, Solace provides instantaneous and high water mark data about queue depths, messages transmitted and received per second, and messages discarded due to queue depth problems.
  • ITRS Geneos Integration: Solace has worked with ITRS to develop a NetProbe polling agent that can feed operational statistics and monitoring data from Solace appliances to the ITRS Geneos Active Console, giving operations teams the benefits of real-time alerting and more robust statistics for capacity planning.

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